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When rated by physicians, eClinicalWorks outperforms in every category that counts.


90% of our 125,000 physicians joined eClinicalWorks because their peers recommended us. See how we are rated.

The data shown below has been compiled from published reports by organizations that poll actual EHR users without receiving financial incentive from those vendors being rated. Physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and clinical end-users who actively use the EHR to deliver care gave their input based on their experiences.

EHR Comparison

eClinicalWorks outperforms in major categories according to AmericanEHR™. Technology and services from eClinicalWorks helped them achieve their higher scores. Within the major categories outlined in the graph to the left, eClinicalWorks scored higher in areas such as customization of the EHR, ability to improve patient care, and documenting Progress Notes.

These are the results of surveying physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

EHR Market Share

A February 2015 report by SK&A titled: Physician Office Usage of Electronic Health Records Software shows eClinicalWorks with a 10.2% market share – the second highest in the industry.

healthcareIT EHR satisfaction

In September 2015, Healthcare IT News released their EHR satisfaction survey findings. They reached out to IT managers, physicians, and other clinical end-users who are involved with EHRs in their role. They did not poll consultants, students, or vendors. Any EHR with 12 or less responses was not included in the report.

EHR Population Health Comarison

eClinicalWorks has proven to be a leader in population health management, with solutions such as data sharing, risk stratification, care management, referral management, reporting, and patient engagement. eClinicalWorks outranks other vendors in population health according to AmericanEHR. eClinicalWorks supports major population health initiatives such as ACOs, Chronic Care Management, PQRS, Patient-Centered Medical Homes, and other pay-for-performance initiatives.

eClinicalWorks Grid Cloud

eClinicalWorks has nine data centers, strategically located across the US to provide redundancy and a better user experience. The eClinicalWorks Private Grid Cloud infrastructure provides practices the scalability with flexibility as their practice grows. All major cloud companies utilize multiple data centers (think Google™ and Facebook®); and eClinicalWorks has invested in a similar model. Other companies follow a public cloud model, or don’t have a true cloud solution at all.

As the EHR landscape continues to narrow, and private practices – dissatisfied with their current EHR, are looking to change, only a handful of EHR companies that are given consideration. eClinicalWorks® is seeing a dramatic increase in the number of customers taking advantage of their Make the Switch program, and switching from their current EHR. In fact, 90% of new customers to eClinicalWorks. are switching from another EHR system. Are you ready to Make the Switch to eClinicalWorks?

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