The eClinicalWorks Grid Cloud

The eClinicalWorks Grid Cloud


The eClinicalWorks Cloud is a better way to run your practice. The Cloud keeps your patient and practice data safe, secure, and fully accessible regardless of time, network traffic, or Mother Nature. Move to the Cloud and never worry about data backup, security, or server upgrades and maintenance again.

Why the eClinicalWorks Cloud is Different


Unlike other cloud EMRs that co-mingle your data with data from other practices, the eClinicalWorks Cloud keeps your private data private. Concerned about performance or upgrades? Since you’re on your own database, your system performance will never be affected by another practice’s upgrades or large search queries. You can also schedule upgrades when they’re convenient for you.

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National Cloud Infrastructure

Unlike other EHR companies with just one data center, the eClinicalWorks Cloud uses nine data centers across the country for the most reliable service possible. This capacity leads to a faster, more reliable network.

Private Cloud

We all know sharing space can be disruptive. When multiple practices share a cloud, it can be disruptive to your EHR. That’s why eCW trusts the private cloud model – not some “one-size-fits-all” platform where your practice information is co-mingled and housed with data from other practices.

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Flexible and Scalable

Server costs, limitations, and obsolescence are tough challenges for EHR practices these days. The eClinicalWorks Cloud can quickly meet and stay on pace with your business demands – and your costs won’t increase as your EHR data grows.

Work From Anywhere, Anytime

As long as you have internet access, you can work from anywhere, anytime. As an eClinicalWorks Cloud customer, you can run the eClinicalWorks EHR/PM on Windows (natively or through the Google Chrome browser), on a Mac (through the Google Chrome browser), or if you prefer, the eClinicalTouch EHR for iPad.

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We Handle Backups

Data backup is a critical function in today’s EHR-driven practices. If you perform regular backups, you’ve probably noticed that it’s time-consuming and costly. A move to the eClinicalWorks Cloud can eliminate this tedious task from your schedule. eClinicalWorks takes scheduled, automatic backups – both incremental and daily.

Hands-Off Software Updates

eClinicalWorks performs server-operating system upgrades and security updates during our scheduled maintenance window. The application version upgrades are performed during off-hours, so there’s no downtime for the practice.

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Downtime/Natural Disaster Protection

Big storm coming your way? eClinicalWorks has you covered. A switch to the eCW Cloud also offers eClinicalWorks Nimbus – a FREE, downtime solution that lets you to stay connected to your EHR during outages.

Did you know that eClinicalWorks is the largest EHR in the Cloud? eClinicalWorks has nine geographically diverse data centers in strategic locations across the United States. More than 90,000 eClinicalWorks providers throughout the country now use the eClinicalWorks Private Cloud to access their data securely and reliably at their convenience.

Technically Speaking

Here are some of the finer details:

  • Nine secure SAS70/SSAE16 co-location data centers, located strategically throughout the US
  • Fully redundant server infrastructure resulting in a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24 x 7 x 365 performance and security monitoring of all data centers
  • Private Cloud – No co-mingling of data guarantees high performance – even during peak usage periods
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