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  • 29 January 2020
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5 Innovative Ways Providers are Utilizing Their EHR


Choosing a strong healthcare IT partner like eClinicalWorks means having someone by your side that supports your practice’s goals and future plans. From small rural practices to large urban health centers, eClinicalWorks customers represent a varied group of healthcare professionals dedicated to transforming the art of medicine. Below are five customers who have utilized our comprehensive EHR in ways that have helped them grow and succeed.

1. EssenMed House Calls: Bringing Quality Care Home

In 2005, Dr. Sumir Sahgal took a page out of America’s medical past, reviving the house call to deliver high-quality primary care to NYC-area residents in the comfort of their homes. For many of his patients and their caregivers, issues of transportation, employment, and mobility make office visits difficult.

Using eClinicalWorks, EssenMED House Calls has become far more efficient. Without the need to return to their offices to download data and obtain test results, providers have increased the range of services available to patients in their homes, added a care management division, cut hospital readmission rates, improved the quality of life for patients and their caregivers, and expanded their practice from 40 patients to over 9,000 patients — the largest house calls practice in NYC.

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2. Rainbow Pediatric Center: Using Telemedicine to Improve Compliance Among ADHD Patients

To improve compliance, Rainbow Pediatric Center decided to offer ADHD patients and their parents access to healow Televisits™. Where medically appropriate, patients could conduct a remote visit, thus reducing the need to take time off from school and/or work to physically travel to the office every three months.

After just one month, Rainbow Pediatric Center saw a 60% increase in compliance among ADHD patients in the first month and a 70% increase overall since adopting healow Televisits.

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3. InterMed: How eClinicalWorks Scribe Supports Care Without Compromise

InterMed needed tools to handle a growing volume of patients and the complexities of modern healthcare — while guarding against physician burnout.

The practice has embraced all aspects of the eClinicalWorks EHR, but the most critical tool was eClinicalWorks® Scribe, which helped them complete their documentation quickly and easily throughout the day. Now, patient visits are truly focused on the patients’ needs, rather than spent staring at a computer screen. eClinicalMobile®, in conjunction with Scribe, gives providers the means to work from anywhere using their mobile device, allowing them to achieve a better work-life balance.

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4. Big Sur Health Center: An Island of Hope on the California Coast

Big Sur Health Center stands alone in providing care to residents. Because of frequent threats from wildfires, landslides, and earthquakes, staff recognized they needed a cloud-based healthcare IT solution for care delivery. They began using eClinicalWorks in 2009 to maximize protection of and access to patient data. That decision paid off during the winter of 2016-17, when landslides and bridge collapses left the community isolated and left many people without access to healthcare.

Big Sur’s providers used cloud-based access to patient records to handle patient requests, ordered medications through local pharmacies, picked up those medications, and then coordinated delivery to stranded residents by helicopter.

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5. Adult Medicine of Lake County: Better Coordination Yields Better Care

Adult Medicine of Lake County needed to improve the visibility of each patient’s case, better coordinate programs, and meet the demands of value-based care. While Adult Medicine has successfully used the eClinicalWorks EHR for more than ten years, they began applying several Population Health tools to their practice, including those for Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Transition Care Management (TCM), as well as HEDIS® measures for better estimating their patients’ risks for developing health problems.

In just one year, Adult Medicine enrolled more than 800 patients in the CCM program and combined their CCM and TCM operations to deliver seamless care and reduce hospital readmissions by 16%.

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HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

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