Partners – Clearinghouses

Partners - Clearinghouses

Preferred Clearinghouses

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Through unmatched integration with eClinicalWorks, ClaimRemedi offers innovative, web-based EDI solutions designed to accelerate and rejuvenate the claim lifecycle. Backed by decades of experience serving private practices, hospitals, FQHC/CHC facilities and third-party medical billing services, ClaimRemedi understands your unique needs. ClaimRemedi’s real-time payer connectivity, enhanced editing, real-time claim scrubbing, detailed eligibility responses, along with powerful analytics and benchmark reporting allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of your organization’s revenue. In addition to the robust solutions, ClaimRemedi offers industry leading customer support to ensure your satisfaction and success, illustrated by our run rate of 99% of all customer issues resolved in under 60 minutes.

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As an eClinicalWorks preferred clearinghouse, Emdeon® directly connects physicians to the largest all-payer network for commercial and government health plans nationwide. Emdeon’s industry-leading technology platform is tightly integrated with eClinicalWorks, giving you one application to schedule appointments, check eligibility, submit and track claims, receive electronic remittance advices and send patient statements. With a clean claims rate of 99% and over 30 years of experience, rest easy knowing our industry knowledge, skills and technology will help you get paid faster.

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Add revenue, save time and eliminate paperwork. For decades, TriZetto Provider Solutions™ (formerly Gateway EDI), has served the health care industry, and we put this experience to work. Our range of services is designed to help you handle transactions with the greatest possible efficiency. And partnered with eClinicalWorks, TriZetto Provider Solutions capabilities are unparalleled. Our combined solutions allows for eligibility verification, identifying claim errors, obtaining claim status, and receiving payment information seamlessly within the eClinicalWorks system. Our unmatched customer support is available 24/7 and dedicated to helping our clients reduce their days in A/R and increasing their revenues.

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The Navicure® Web-based clearinghouse solution and the eClinicalWorks practice management system are integrated to provide your practice with a powerful revenue cycle management tool. Navicure’s solution includes practice management claims with unlimited electronic primary and secondary processing, and unlimited primary paper claims processing. It also includes unlimited electronic remittance advice (ERA) and integrated eligibility checking. Navicure has a dedicated eCW implementation and enrollment team to assist with payer paperwork and clients have unlimited access to 3-Ring™ client service—this means that all calls are answered by a live representative within three rings. We also offer electronic patient statements processing for an additional fee.

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Other Clearinghouses

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Availity allows providers to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork.

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ETACTICS is a premier Electronic Claims Clearinghouse focused on customer service and designed to enhance compliance for fast and accurate claims reimbursement. The secure web-based services, integrated with eClinicalWorks, enhance revenue cycle workflow and payments for everything from claims processing to patient statements. Please call us at 330-342-0568 for more information.

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All claims can be submitted using RealMedís web-based system. RealMed increases staff’s productivity by reducing errors and days to payment.

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Capario helps healthcare providers get paid more quickly and more accurately. Through CaparioOne, its premiere web application, providers can check eligibility in real time, submit and track claims, manage rejections and denials, take patient payments, and monitor business performance. And it’s all available in one place with one solution, CaparioOne.

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Claim.MD is an Internet-based electronic claim processing company focusing on the healthcare industry.

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With ClaimsDirect claims are submitted electronically without the per claim charges of using a clearinghouse and without third party fees.

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As a solution to submitting medical claims EDIHealthCare offers customized solutions, flexible formatting, mapping and translation styles to meet the needs of every client.

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Electronic billing with ETT eliminates paper generated medical claims, submits organized claims, provides faster payment and helps all participants cut costs.

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FreeClaims creates a fast and efficient claims process and works as a web-based medical claims clearinghouse.

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Health-e-Web, Inc. (HeW) gives health care providers peace of mind by promoting the secure, accurate, and reliable exchange of electronic transactions with health insurance companies and trading partners. HeW also offers a suite of revenue cycle management solutions to improve your bottom line. All of HeW’s services are packaged with its industry leading customer service.

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MD On-line streamlines the process of electronic submissions of health care claims with reliable and fast payments.

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Submitting claims electronically with Medical Claim Corp creates many benefits like improved cash flow, better office efficiency and fewer denials.

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Using cutting-edge technology Netwerkes seamlessly interfaces with eClinicalWorks Practice Management to create clean transactions and increase profitability.

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For cleaner claims and faster payments physicians, hospitals and payers use Payerpath to improve the business of healthcare.

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eClinicalWorks is partnered with Preferred Care in New York.

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Quadax assists providers to achieve their revenue cycle goals of increased cash flow and decreased expense with premier electronic transaction management tools and reliable, responsive customer support.  Xpeditor by Quadax features expert, comprehensive claims management and editing, with Xtensions to also provide remittance management, denial management, eligibility and claim status transactions, and Axis, our Audit Control application for management of RAC and other audits.

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Stones River IPA is dedicated to achieving easy access to quality medical care for the people of Rutherford County, TN and the surrounding areas.

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THIN (The Health Information Network) is easily integrated into eClinicalWorks Practice Management and claims are submitted electronically to get to the carriers much faster. eClinicalWorks is partnered with THIN in Illinois.

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With TUFTS Health Plan, claims can be processed faster and with increased efficiency to allow more time for your patient.

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We’re ZirMed, one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare revenue technology and information solutions. Serving 113,000 healthcare providers across all care settings, including hundreds of eClinicalWorks practices, we are a nationally recognized leader in understanding the flow of money and information in healthcare. Offering eligibility verification, claims management, patient payment estimation, patient payment processing, online bill pay, online and offline statement delivery, innovative lockbox services, analytics, coding compliance and more, our solutions simplify the complexities of payments for providers and patients. We solve many problems with one simple solution – and one great relationship.