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Partners - Patient Education and Advocacy

Educational Material

As a pioneer in the health information category and trusted by thousands of clinicians, A.D.A.M. develops unparalleled, visually rich healthcare information. Healthcare organizations can engage with their communities and provide highly effective patient education resources that meet meaningful use objectives.

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Elsevier Patient Engagement solutions engage, educate, and empower patients using the same evidence accessed by their care providers, but presented through patient-friendly delivery of interactive and easy-to-use tools so that they can actively participate in their healthcare not only while with the care team, but more importantly, outside your organization, where most care takes place.

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Since 1975 our singular mission has been to help people make better health decisions. The Healthwise mission—combined with our innovative spirit—leads to revolutionary solutions that improve the impact of health education. Healthwise information embedded within eClinicalWorks helps physicians improve care quality by delivering patient education at the point of care within the workflow. Patients connect to more information online in their PHR through the eClinicalWorks Patient Portal. The patient-specific content and tools—help them get activated and engaged. Deliver the right solution for clinicians and patients. Healthwise Patient Engagement Solution within eClinicalWorks.

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For more than 40 years, Krames Patient Education content has continued to reach and improve the lives of more than 80 million patients annually. Our award-winning, patient-friendly, evidence-based content is developed in adherence to the principles of health literacy design. That is why StayWell continues to be the premier health engagement company in the healthcare marketplace, and serves as the provider of choice in more than half of U.S. hospitals. Our comprehensive library of multimedia patient education content—including illustrated patient education documents and emergency discharge instructions—can be accessed directly within your eClinicalWorks EHR. This integrated solution provides cohesive patient education across your practice, at every patient touch point.

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Patient Advocacy

Designed specifically for mobile devices and working on all platforms, Santovia offers new, smart ways of engaging between physicians and patients through cutting-edge technology:

Santovia enables patients to complete patient experience surveys after every appointment, giving you rapid feedback and essential tools to boost your HCAHPS scores. This helps organizations maximize their revenue potential and avoid any lost revenue under Medicare and insurance contracts. With the ability to have real time feedback, you can address patient concerns same day and analyze areas for improvement.

Santovia’s integrated solution within the eCW portal includes thousands of patient-friendly evidence-based educational resources, including videos and written content, available in English and Spanish. Through high-quality, intuitive education and targeted surveys, Santovia facilitates shared decision-making, better recovery for patients, and gives valuable insight to improve patient experience.

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