Partners – Back Office

Partners - Back Office

Coding Compliance and Validation

Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO®) clinical vocabulary bridges the information gaps between clinicians, coders, and patients. With IMO, eClinicalWorks users find the right terms quickly and easily, encouraging thorough and accurate documentation. Clinician terms are translated automatically into administrative codes for billing. Maps to reference vocabularies power intelligent searching, clinical decision support, and business intelligence tools.

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The Practice Management module of eClinicalWorks incorporates seamless integration with CodeCorrect for code validation capabilities and online access to coding intelligence through nThrive’s KnowledgePRO subscription service.

CodeCorrect, an optional subscription service, is integrated into the application and generates real-time alerts for each charge transaction and identifies transactions that are at odds with current Medicare coverage guidelines. By incorporating CodeCorrect, clients benefit from enhanced compliance and reductions in denials and re-work.

eStatements and Collections


eClinicalWorks and NexTrust have partnered to provide you with BillFlash eStatement services which are fully integrated with eClinicalWorks Practice Management for eStatements. This new integration allows you to send a secure data file of patient bills directly from eClinicalWorks to be printed and mailed. BillFlash will save your staff countless hours and accelerate patient payments by streamlining and simplifying the patient billing process.

  • Professional Designs & Free Template Customization
  • Robust Review, Edit, & Approval Tools
  • Fast Delivery
  • Address Updating

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IC System’s proprietary collection software seamlessly connects to your eClinicalWorks application, saving you time by allowing you to instantly submit accounts, report transactions and make payment adjustments, all inside your eClinicalWorks application. Click here for more information

TSI (formerly Transworld Systems, Inc.) Accelerator and Profit Recovery Collection programs provide a consistent and systematic approach to medical practices for recovering slow paying patient accounts in a diplomatic way that preserves the relationship and increases cash flow. TSI offers preferred pricing for eClinicalWorks clients with a seamless integration and easy workflow to send start, stop & update files within the eClinicalWorks application. For nearly 50 years, we have continually provided the highest success rates in the industry, recovering $6 billion for 80,000+ clients. We hold Peer Reviewed status with the HFMA for our TSI Profit Recovery service.

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Specialty Claim Services

Taking the Paper Out of Healthcare Transactions Using Electronification

Jopari is a leading customer-focused health information technology company supplying advanced medical EDI solutions to Payers and Providers in auto medical, workers’ compensation, and commercial health insurance markets. Our product emphasis is completely eliminating paper-based transactions and information exchange from the business side of healthcare services. Jopari’s secure electronification of the entire medical claim lifecycle delivers highly competitive transaction processing efficiency and performance to leading insurance carriers, including eBilling; attachment exchange; multi-tiered payments; remittance processing; and portal solutions. We partner nationwide with healthcare clearinghouses, bill review vendors, claims and practice management software companies, managed care networks, and provider organizations.

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Secure 100% Electronic Claim Attachments

FastAttach® from NEA is used by dental practices across the US to securely exchange electronic claim attachments. NEA partners with over 750 dental plans and payers and is the only vendor that submits claim attachments 100% electronically, never dropping anything to paper.

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