Partners – Medications/Prescriptions

Partners - Medications/Prescriptions

Prescriptions Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)

Appriss Health provides immediate access of patient prescription data within clinical workflow. Most state prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) can now integrate into eClinicalWorks through Appriss Health’s PMP Gateway and NarxCare:

  • PMP Gateway integrates real-time PDMP data and provides patient’s controlled substance medication history.
  • NarxCare is an advanced analytics and care management platform that helps prescribers and dispensers to identify, prevent, and manage substance use disorder. NarxCare automatically accesses PDMP data and a patient’s health history, analyzes it, and provides an interactive visualization of usage patterns, risk scores, red flags, tools and resources to mitigate potential risk factors.

Please reach out directly to Appriss Health to obtain specific information regarding integration into your State’s PDMP, pricing options or with any questions you may have about PMP Gateway or NarxCare.

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