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Server Hardware

Better health care begins with better information. That’s why Dell Health Care and Life Sciences teams are focused on developing solutions that improve secure access to information, which, in turn, improves the quality and delivery of health care and reduces costs. From data center technologies to handheld devices, our health care solutions are designed to integrate information securely and seamlessly, saving physician and patient time and supporting health care organizations as they treat illness and manage health.



Dialogic is a leading cloud-optimized solutions provider for real-time communications media, applications, and infrastructure to service providers, enterprises, and developers around the globe. For fax-related solutions for use with eClinicalWorks software, Dialogic offers the Dialogic® Brooktrout® SR140 Fax Software, a software-based fax over IP (FoIP) engine that delivers high levels of performance, reliability, and scalability for a variety of high-speed, high- and low-density, virtualized fax applications. For TDM-based fax applications, Dialogic offers a broad range of fax boards that support BRI, T1/PRI, and E1/PRI connectivity, and use the same API as the SR140 FoIP fax software, greatly simplifying the transition from TDM to IP-based fax solutions.

For more information about Dialogic fax solutions for use with eClinicalWorks, visit their website at: https://www.dialogic.com/eCW

Mainpine™ provides high quality fax hardware and software using the latest technology and manufacturing techniques in the fax communications market. Mainpine products are easy to use and enhance the use of Microsoft® Fax Service, from our fax boards to our fax server software. Our IQ Express™ boards and IQFSP faxing software provide a cost-effective tool that is trusted by numerous professional segments to safely and securely deliver documents from Point A to Point B. IT professionals enjoy how easy it is to implement and use Mainpine hardware and software, while small business owners credit the product line with their ability to work more efficiently and enhance their business resources. Additionally, the IQ Express fax board is the smallest fax board of its kind. Mainpine products are HIPAA compliant. We ensure client confidentiality by providing secure information sharing and document transmission for numerous business sectors, including the medical and legal fields.

For more information about Mainpine, visit: www.mainpine.com

Kiosk Hardware

LEDABOUR is a kiosk technology firm that offers a comprehensive set of kiosk products and peripherals to clients. Our products provide great value and competitive price while meeting the current and future needs of our customers. LEDABOUR kiosks are high on style and performance.

They boast fast processors, solid state hard drives, excellent touch screen displays, integrated cutting edge peripherals, wireless networks, monitoring services, and energy-efficient features. Setup is easy-just plug it in and you’re ready to go no cables, no clutter.

Vault logo

VAULT is a leading manufacturer of tablet enclosures. Our products are the most functional and durable stands on the market. They are comprised of high-quality aluminum to provide maximum protection for all enclosure needs. They are highly configurable and can be customized to fit a variety of applications and environments. All this while backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

For more information about VAULT’s eClinicalWorks kiosk bundles, visit https://ecwkiosk.com/.

Load Balancers

Array Networks is a leading manufacturer of Application Load Balancing and SSL VPN remote access solutions. As a leader, it is our continuing goal to help customers deploy the highest performing and most secure networks possible. More than 3,500 customers worldwide – including enterprises, service providers, government and vertical organizations in healthcare, finance, insurance and education. Industry leaders including Gartner, Deloitte, Red Herring, and Frost and Sullivan have recognized Array as a market and technology leader. www.arraynetworks.net/


Lantronix® xPrintServer® Office Edition Print Server
Print from all your iOS devices to your office printers. The Lantronix xPrintServer® Office Edition print server is an easy-to-use, affordable ‘plug-and-print’ solution for Apple® iOS devices (iPhone® & iPad®), enabling mobile printing from the native iOS print menu to virtually any printer throughout your enterprise.

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Scanning Services


ChartCapture® puts the complete patient history at your fingertips with the speed and simplicity of viewing your paper charts from any computer or device. It scans an entire paper chart in 90 seconds or less, imports legacy records from your old EHR, and starts the transition before Go-Live, so no additional servers are needed.

For more information about ChartCapture, visit: https://www.chartcapture.com/papercapture.html

Scanning Hardware

Epson logo

Epson document scanners approved by eClinicalWorks feature full compatibility with eClinicalWorks solutions, extended warranty period including free next business day replacement from a company you can trust!

Epson, a global technology leader, offers a wide variety of products serving diverse healthcare applications. Document scanners; Color and black & white ink jet page printers; On-demand color  label printers; Financial POS printers & check scanners; Direct thermal desktop and wearable label printers and CD/DVD disc archiving systems.

Our commitment – Deliver best in class products, support, and value – ALWAYS focusing on patient care!

For more information on Epson’s color duplex document scanners, detailed specifications, exceptional eCW customer pricing & benefits, plus ordering instructions.  https://epsonecwp.nwtlogistics.com


Ricoh Document Scanners (formerly Fujitsu) are designed to make end-to-end scanning faster and more intuitive, so your team spends less time processing paperwork, and more time caring for patients. With Ricoh’s industry-leading document scanners, you can efficiently digitize, organize, and share patient information across the healthcare network quickly and accurately—anywhere, anytime.

Our best-in-class image cleanup technology radically improves quality for the most accurate data indexing performance available. Ricoh document scanners let you eliminate manual processes prone to human error, protect confidentiality, and upload information for instant access by others who need it.

To see all the Ricoh Document Scanners for healthcare click here. To ensure a Ricoh scanner is compatible with eclinicalWorks EHR, consult the List of compatible devices available on my.eclinicalworks.com.

Health information exchange begins with Kodak Alaris healthcare solutions.  We offer efficient low-to-high volume document and data conversion capabilities supporting clinical and regulatory requirements.  Achieve provider interoperability by capturing, creating, and exchanging vital patient information.  Offering options to transform the way your healthcare communicates with Direct Messaging, a secure fax alternative method, enabling providers to comply with mandates.  Trust Kodak Alaris solutions to support transitions of care founded on world-renowned image quality, reliability, technology and services.

To learn more:  www.kodakalaris.com/go/connectcare

To purchase please call 1-614-545-4949 or visit: http://capture.hmbnet.com/ppc/eclinicalworks/kodak/

MedicScan, powered by Acuant, is integrated into eClinicalWorks for greater efficiency in the patient registration process. MedicScan eliminates the need for manual entry by allowing you to simply scan the patient’s driver’s license and insurance card(s) to auto-populate eClinicalWorks’ demographic and insurance screens with the patient’s information and picture.

For more information, please visit www.acuantcorp.com/ecw

NOTE: Accuracy tests conducted by Acuant on the MedicScan software’s optical character recognition engine show that the product was able to accurately parse 98 out of 100 characters. However, results may vary and this test is solely for informational purposes and not to be intended as a warranty of MedicScan’s product performance.

Panasonic System Networks Company of America (PSNA) offers customizable and scalable solutions for communications, collaboration, productivity and site security that are reliableaffordable and flexible, allowing our clients to be more responsive to their customers while staying better connected to remote and mobile colleagues.

PSNA is committed to providing clients in vertical industries such as Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Retail, and Professional Services with comprehensive solutions that encompass Home and Business Communications, Surveillance and Monitoring, Retail Information Systems and Document Management devices–helping them to stay competitive, while quickly and effectively adapting to the challenges of an ever-evolving marketplace.

For more information, please click here.

Signature Capture Hardware


Scriptel® makes the ScripTouch® series of electronic signature pads that are integrated in eClinicalWorks EHR applications. Using our patent-pending “no client install” EasyScript interface, these signature pads support any client system (even hardware thin clients on Citrix), any browser, and do not require any software to be downloaded or maintained. No more admin headaches with signature pad driver software – just plug it in and it works!

Purchase Scriptel signature pads at eclinicalworks.computimeonline.com.

Scriptel Corporation was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. We have deployed our capacitive pen digitizing technology in more than 3 million solutions worldwide. Our electronic signature pads offer rugged reliability with industry-best warranties and RapidCare, our advanced overnight replacement service, at no additional cost in the continental U.S.

Please visit scriptel.com/eclinicalworks to see more.

Trusted by more healthcare organizations than all other suppliers, Topaz Systems has more signature pads deployed and more apps supported than all other pads combined. In many cases, your organization is already using Topaz® pads, so using Topaz with eClinicalWorks can result in lower cost of deployment and support across multiple platforms. Backed by simple, powerful software integrated into eClinicalWorks, Topaz signatures have been upheld in US Federal Court, providing you with additional peace of mind.

Topaz signature pads run faster and smoother than other pads and require no gimmicks to operate seamlessly with client and remote desktop interfaces, saving you time and money. With the Topaz patented, battery-free pen, you receive exceptional reliability and smooth, natural signing on the first try. Select pads come with GemGuard® antimicrobial pen technology, complementing your organization’s programs to reduce the spread of infectious disease. View the Topaz product catalog for eClinicalWorks at: www.topazsystems.com/ecw.

With millions of units in use in over 30 countries, Wacom is the global leader in electronic signature capture and pen input technologies. Wacom´s patented electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology is ideal for capturing handwritten signatures thanks to its exceptional accuracy and durability.

Wacom devices deliver precision, security and durability for years to come. Independent testing has shown that Wacom’s EMR devices can capture over hundreds of thousands of signatures without reducing the signature quality or showing signs of wear and tear. In addition, all Wacom devices feature a battery free pen for minimal maintenance and maximum up-time. Each device also features a hardened glass surface, state of the art encryption and a standard three-year warranty.

Wacom’s eSignature solutions are utilized in a variety of areas such as healthcare consent forms and medical histories. With a Wacom signature device, customers can secure and efficiently process their workflows wherever documents are filled out, signed and verified.

Wacom offers a wide range of color and monochrome signature pads as well as interactive pen displays to meet your business needs. When not in signing mode, the color screens can display high-quality images and video for advertising and marketing, so that each Wacom pad is working for you 24/7.

To view the full list of Wacom products that are certified for use with eClinicalWorks, visit us online at: https://www.wacom.com/en-us/for-business/industries/healthcare.