Compliancy / Security Risk Assessment

Security Risk Assessment

The Guard is an intuitive cost effective tool to address all of your HIPPA, Hitech and Meaningful use core 15 compliance needs.
Designed by auditors and privacy/security officers it is an easy to use compliance tool. Whether a single practice or a large multi facility entity, The Guard automates audits; authorization, disclosures, employee training, business associates, and incidence tracking.
The Compliancy Group has teamed up with eClinicalWorks to offer a complete compliance-tracking solution providing security and privacy, audits, reporting and document management including policy & procedures for all federal HIPAA regulations. Need an expert to help you figure it all out?  The Compliancy Group also offers the Jump Start program have a HIPPA expert help you deploy The Guard to become compliant and stay compliant.

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DataFile Technologies and eClinicalWorks have partnered to bring you an exceptional security risk assessment service for your practice. Take the burden off your staff and offload it to a team of experts that will get the job done right. DataFile’s comprehensive HIPAA Risk Assessment of your IT infrastructure and operational environment provides your practice with the highest level of confidence and satisfaction you’ll need to check Stage 1 Meaningful Use Measure 15 off your list. 

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Med Tech USA, LLC the HIPAA compliance specialty company singularly focused on private practice physicians.  As the leader in private practice HIPAA compliance, Med Tech USA, LLC has a solid understanding of the unique situation private practice physicians find themselves in as they move their practice to the electronic health records world.  From basic HIPAA compliant policies to HIPAA training for staff and physicians to Meaningful Use risk assessments, Med Tech USA, LLC is here to be an advocate for the private practice physician. 

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