Payment Solutions

eClinicalWorks and TransFirst have partnered to bring efficiency and automation to your patient payment process. Staff can now complete credit card and electronic debits to checking or savings accounts - while at the front desk within a patient’s scheduled encounter or from the Payments posting window – all without leaving the eClinicalWorks system. In seconds, payment is authorized and patient ledger and daily payment reports are updated. Payments become part of your office flow instead of a daily nuisance; front-office and post-adjudication payments are no longer outside the system manual steps. Reduce time spent processing payments, time spent updating two systems, time spent balancing two systems, reduce front-desk clutter (no need for that old credit card terminal) AND introduce new payments options to your patients use in managing their growing private pay responsibility.

Vantiv has partnered with eClinicalWorks to provide a fully-integrated patient payment solution in a future release of Version 10. With 40 years of experience and success in payment processing, you can count on Vantiv to consistently deliver a high quality transaction experience.  Vantiv is one of the nation’s largest payment processors, offering flexible options to meet your growing business needs.  We work closely with you to help you stay on top of industry trends and technologies to improve customer service and reduce your costs.  And, with Vantiv processing and settling your credit/debit card transactions, you can be assured that payments will transact quickly and easily, getting money to your bank account fast!