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  • 9 June 2021
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An Authoritative Voice for Healthcare Documentation


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eClinicalWorks Scribe adds problem lists, previous diagnoses

Given the diverse, complex tasks of modern medicine, it is likely that human scribes will always have a role to play in healthcare. Nonetheless, a May 2021 article in EHR Intelligence notes that health systems nationwide continue to adopt scribe technologies where the powers of computing and artificial intelligence can improve efficiency without compromising safety.

eClinicalWorks® has long understood that documentation demands solutions that are as clinically accurate as they are convenient.

When we developed eClinicalWorks Scribe®, we wanted to capture the human insight and experience that no machine can replicate. That’s why Scribe was developed in consultation with physicians, and it’s why clinicians continue to shape every step of the product’s development.


Enhancements for even better Progress Notes

The latest enhancements, for example, make patients’ problem lists and previous diagnoses accessible to a provider using Scribe. That additional background gives doctors the ability to develop a fuller picture of each patient’s case.

These enhancements are in addition to the behind-the-scenes improvements eClinicalWorks has recently made across all our EHR products. Better ways to address data truncation and special characters, for example, are present in the latest version of our EHR, regardless of which platform a provider prefers.

The bottom line is more complete Progress Notes to guide better medical decision making — on top of the mobility and convenience Scribe has always offered.

Unlocking the ‘secrets’ inside Scribe

The original and fundamental intent of Scribe remains the same, of course: Combine innovative healthcare IT with the power of voice-recognition software to give today’s busy providers a powerful tool for making documentation faster, easier, more mobile, and more clinically accurate than ever.

Several eClinicalWorks practices have enjoyed remarkable success with Scribe.

You can read a case study and watch a video about how Scribe has helped Florida’s Gastro Health better serve thousands of patients and build their practice into one of the largest in Florida.

And check out another success story, focusing on Portland, Maine’s Intermed, to understand how Scribe works three to four times faster than most human beings can type, handles a wide variety of accents and voices, and offers an even higher level of accuracy than the best human scribes can achieve.

Making already great healthcare IT even better is at the heart of what eClinicalWorks does every day. And the “secrets” that Scribe offers practices aren’t really any secret at all but consist in learning how to put voice-recognition software to work for the improvement of your practice.

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