Innovation Today for Excellence Tomorrow

Innovation Today for Excellence Tomorrow

Meet the Future of Healthcare IT

eClinicalWorks® and healow® continue to innovate and find ways for healthcare professionals to better meet their mission to deliver quality care. Below are five key areas that may help practices succeed in 2022 and beyond.

Transform Your Front Office

Our tools are simplifying the management of every aspect of the patient encounter. We’re empowering patients to book their own appointments, confirm and check in for those appointments conveniently, and pay their bills electronically. The bottom line: We’re delivering simplicity, security, and convenience for patients and practices alike.


healow Open Access® and secure text reminders are convenient, secure solutions that empower patients while giving practices the control they need with new, customizable rules and filters. In a world of electronic solutions, you can spend less time on the phone and more time caring for patients.


Together, healow CHECK-IN™ and Kiosk are helping practices decrease patient wait time, decrease no-shows, and increase overall patient satisfaction. We have revolutionized the previsit process to allow patients to check in for appointments from a smartphone, anytime and from anywhere. They can confirm their insurance coverage, update demographic information, complete questionnaires, and pay balances using healow Pay.

Online Bill Pay

With healow Pay, practices can get paid faster by replacing printing and mailing expenses with a secure, electronic solution. Why watch revenue trickle in when you might collect 15% or more of your revenue within 24 hours? For patients, the choice is clear — a secure text link beats a paper bill every time.


Your front office is a busy place. Why man the phones and send appointment reminders when eClinicalMessenger® can do it for you, automatically and flawlessly? Our automated reminder campaign is among dozens of campaigns that can streamline your workflows, reduce no-shows, and leave your staff free to focus on direct patient care.

Practice Remote Medicine

eClinicalWorks and healow are pioneers in developing technologies and platforms to expand care beyond the four walls of the traditional medical practices. We have tools to meet the needs of today’s practitioners and accommodate patients’ schedules, lifestyles, and needs.

healow Apps

The healow app, available in both English and Spanish, gives patients anytime, anywhere access to their medical records, from appointments and reminders to lab results and medication refill requests. The healow Mom® and healow Kids® apps are perfect for expectant mothers and growing families. And patients can easily connect health wearables and trackers to share real-time health data with providers.

Remote Patient Monitoring

The healow Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) module gathers physiological data from patient wearables and trackers to monitor patient health, gain insights, interpret health trends, and capture time-based activities. Fully integrated with the EHR, the module can act as a staff multiplier by easing the burdens on clinicians, clinical staff, and billers.


healow TeleVisits are a secure, HIPAA-compliant, and user-friendly solution to connect providers with patients when time, distance, or other circumstances make an in-office visit difficult. And our new healow Meet solutions facilitates group telehealth visits that can call in family members, translators, therapists, or outside medical consultants.

Use a Network EHR

The new paradigm in healthcare is the network EHR. Far more than just a tool for documentation, the network EHR is a smarter, more powerful, and flexible tool to meet emerging challenges in 21st-century medicine.


eClinicalWorks participates in both nationwide networks for the exchange of patient records — Carequality and the CommonWell® Health Alliance. In September 2021 alone, providers connected to these networks shared 42 million records, helping ensure a complete picture of each patient’s health, and relieving patients of the need to recall details of procedures and care episodes.


PRISMA, the healthcare IT industry’s first information search engine, amplifies the power of nationwide interoperability networks. PRISMA gathers patient records from healthcare facilities nationwide and generates a searchable, timeline view of a patient’s health record. Providers have the most relevant clinical information — on demand and at the point of care — to help guide better medical decision-making.

Deploy Robotic Process Automation

With eClinicalWorks, providers have access to emerging technologies that promise to help them handle growing volumes of data and reduce the stress and strain that contribute to physician burnout. Our bots — short for robots — are here to help.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the eClinicalWorks EHR streamlines manual and repetitive processes that otherwise require hours of human effort. We have introduced several bots to handle routine tasks in six key areas of practice workflows, including appointment booking, document routing, registration, referral management, statement processing, and payment posting.

Journey to Population Health

Even the most powerful EHR needs context and in-depth data analytics if providers are to maximize understanding of their patients and optimize outcomes. eClinicalWorks offers a full range of Population Health tools to deepen understanding, promote engagement with government programs, and achieve better outcomes while controlling costs.

Population Health Bundle

eClinicalWorks gives practices the tools they need to anticipate and respond to overall health trends. Our Population Health Bundle includes Disease Explorer, HEDIS® Analytics, our HCC Module, PCMH Analytics, and Population Care Planning. Get the most critical tools your practice needs, with the value of a low monthly cost per provider.

CMS Programs

eClinicalWorks has developed modules to address some of the most challenging aspects of today’s healthcare — meeting the needs of chronically ill and vulnerable patients, including those transitioning among care settings. Unlock your practice’s potential with our tools for Chronic Care Management, Transition Care Management, and Care Plan Oversight.

Advanced Primary Care Programs

The eClinicalWorks Primary Care First Module helps monitor program activities, including wellness visits, chronic conditions, Social Determinants of Health, and more, to enable timely interventions and better overall care. And our Remote Patient Monitoring module offers real-time insight into the health of individual patients, helping ensure more efficient and effective care, reducing hospitalizations, and controlling costs.

Explore Population Health

The eClinicalWorks Cost & Utilization Explorer provides access to Medicare claims data that can yield insights needed to meet the challenges of value-based healthcare models, including CMS’s Data at the Point of Care initiative. Providers can see patients’ well visits, vaccines, and procedures. Administrators and quality analysts can analyze ER visits patterns and determine overall costs.