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  • 15 June 2020
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Getting to the Heart of Medicine Together



Mid-office reinvention builds on history

Today’s medical practices face a decidedly nonmedical dilemma: They need to adopt new technologies to better cope with the effects of a worldwide pandemic and its economic fallout. At the same time, they are so busy trying to survive they may feel they lack the time to implement new tools and procedures.

In short, where should they begin to reinvent patient care in that most critical phase of all, the patient encounter?

Pioneers (and practices) are never alone

It helps to recognize that great innovators rarely began from scratch or work alone.

In 1894, Guglielmo Marconi, building on the work of physicists Heinrich Hertz and Édouard Branly, showed his mother how pressing a button could activate a buzzer across a room.

Just seven years later, in 1901, Marconi had succeeded in sending a message across the Atlantic Ocean. And on June 15, 1920 — exactly 100 years ago today — soprano Nellie Melba made the world’s first radio broadcast from Marconi’s packing shed in Chelmsford, Essex, England.

Seven years? Try seven days!

Today, medical practices don’t need to wait seven years to stage a revolution. With the help of eClinicalWorks, they can do so in seven days or less, beginning with our series of four one-hour webinars on the patient care, telehealth, and the previsit and post-visit processes.

Our webinars aren’t unlocking the secrets of advanced physics. They require no advanced math. And practices don’t have to undertake major capital investments.

Rather, they show how to reshape workflows and thinking to:

  • Create seamless cycles of patient care
  • Promote better patient outcomes
  • Reduce the burdens of documentation
  • Help control costs

Wonders, wired and wireless

Each of the key topics we cover in our webinars builds on decades of advances in technology, of both the wired and wireless varieties. Join our reinvent webinar series to learn how:

  • The contactless healow® CHECK-IN process unites email, texts, and smartphone technologies to prepare for more efficient patient encounters.
  • Interoperability solutions — including the Carequality and CommonWell networks — use national networks to retrieve the most up-to-date and comprehensive data for each patient.
  • Our P.R.I.S.M.A. health information search engine and Eva the eClinicalWorks Virtual Assistant — use the power of artificial intelligence to sort, sift, and make sense of all that data.
  • eClinicalMessenger® campaigns extend care beyond the patient visit, driving stronger Patient Engagement and better outcomes.

From tenuous, wispy messages through the ether to today’s clear, secure connections for data exchange and telehealth encounters, the ongoing communications revolution continues to fuel medical progress.

Were he alive today, Marconi would marvel. Your practice can simply take the next step by signing up for our webinar series below!


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